Laurel Goes To Ecampelos


Clarissa:  Sooo……… I heard that you’re going to camp. How did you manage that one? Don’t worry; I won’t let the boys get in your room while you are away. Besides, you’re the only sister I have, even though you beat me to camp.

Laurel:   Thanks!  *smiles*


Laurel: I think I might not like the going part. You know, being in a box for days and days with just my walk-man and my teddy.

Clarissa: It won’t be that bad.  I’m sure Mom will pack you a snack and something to drink.  Besides you’re 10 yrs old now.  Time for an adventure! *smiles*



Clarissa: What the heck are you doing in there?

Laurel: *sighs* Waiting.

Clarissa: Waiting for what for Pete’s sake???

Laurel: To get going.

Clarissa: I don’t think everything is ready yet.  Marie and Bob are still going over all the information.  It’s the first time they ever sent a doll anywhere, never mind to camp.


Clarissa: Besides aren’t you going to say goodbye to Lolani? I mean, you won’t see her until Sept. looks like.

Laurel: She said she’d be over later after lunch.

Clarissa: OK, but what about the rest of us?  Mom’s feeling pretty sad about the whole thing.  She said she won’t sleep a wink 'til she hears you got there safe.


Lolani: I can’t believe you’re going to be gone all summer. Who am I supposed to play with?  The dumb boys?   My cry-baby sister? Gee Whiz!!!

Laurel: I’m sorry.   Mom and Dad thought it would be a great experience for me.  I really think it’s a great experience for them.  At least I won’t be seeing my brothers all summer. They love to boss me.

Lolani: Still, I am going to miss you…………


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