Clarissa: Awww, I’m glad you decided to get comfortable and stop worrying.

Laurel: Who said I stopped worrying?  Besides, Lolani came over for a few minutes. She’ll be back later.


Clarissa: I was wondering if I could use your skate board while you were gone?

Laurel: Sure.


Clarissa: Wow, Lolani, are you lending Laurel your father’s flash light?

Lolani: Ya, Dad said I could, he’s in a real good mood since we got the car painted.

Clarissa: Cool… what color?

Lolani: Yellow.  *smiles*

Clarissa: Well that’s better.  That Barbie blue was too much.

Laurel: Yes, Dad said only wussies drive cars that color!


Mom: Well… there you girls are! Hi Lolani, glad you came over.

Dad: What’s all this hanging out in the box?


Dad: It’s a nice day, you should be swimming.

Clarissa: Laurel has been worrying about her trip.

Dad: Nothing to worry about, you’ll be heavily insured.  *smiles*

Mom: Now, Laurel, if you worry too much dear, you’ll get a headache.

Laurel: I know, Mom.

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