Mom: Well this is ridiculous. Move over you girls.  Come on Dad, this baby needs food.

Dad: Honey, youíre the worldís best cook, but food doesnít cure everything.

Mom: Never you mind, I think this calls for pizza!

Dad: Oh wellÖÖ.. in THAT caseÖwith anchovies!!


Mom: Thatís better, now what's the problem, dear?

Laurel: Well, Iíve never been away from home before.  Iíll be all alone in this box for days and days. I might getÖ. scared.

Dad: Baby, nothing to be afraid of. Youíll be wrapped in the finest bubble wrap we can find.


Dad:  Iíd go with you but I canít stand going that long without a smoke. You donít want me to burn you up, do you? Plastic makes one heck of a stink.

Laurel: Thatís ok Dad, it will be good to get away from your smoke. :) Iíll miss you though.


Mom: Never mind your Father, Honey Bun. Heís just teasing.  Here, eat this pizza up then have some pop-corn. Iím sure youíll feel better.

Laurel thinks: Look at that guy, he even smokes in here.


Mom: Isnít this lovely? A pizza party in a box. Sounds like a great slogan for a Pizza franchise.

Laurel:  Thanks Mom, Iím going to miss you.

Dad:  Iím going to miss you little girl. Whoís going to bring my slippers?

Laurel: Very funny Dad, you donít have any slippers.

Dad: But if I did, I would.

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