A few days later at the FedEx office

Mom: Well we finally made it.

Laurel: *sigh* Yup.

Kirby the dog: Woof !! Woof!!

Laurel: Quiet boy, youre barking in my ear.

Mrs. Howell: Yes safe and sound.  My, I like this new color. :)


Mom: Im so going to miss you Honey. I know youll be good.  If you want to come home, just give us a call and well arrange it.  I know you are a very quiet person but try to speak up and join in.

Laurel: Oh Mom, Ill be all right. Im just not looking forward to being closed up like that in the dark.

Mom: You have Mr. Howells flashlight, remember?


Laurel:  Bye, Lolani. Dont let Ricky and Travis boss you around all summer. If you need to borrow anything from me its ok.

Lolani: OK, thanks, but its going to be a long summer. Want me to write you?

Laurel: That would be great.  Then I will know whats happening at home.

Lolani: OK, pal of mine.  Well be best friends always, wont we?

Laurel: Always. :)


Laurel: Thank you Mrs. Howell for giving me a ride.  Can Lolani come to camp next year?

Mrs. Howell: Yes, next year she should be old enough.  Id miss her too much this year if she had gone.


Laurel: OK, Im all ready.  Bye, Mom, I love you.  Bye, Mrs. Howell.  Bye, Lolani.  Dont forget to write.

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