The guys decide to take the afternoon off since the duty officer had nothing for them to do at the lookout.  He also agreed to keep an eye on Bacon, the camp mascot.


Bob Boy, this is the life!  All we need is a beer and a couple of pretty faces.

Brian Yes sir, nothing like floating around soaking up the rays. :)

Bill Man, I could do this forever. :)


Bob You know, there are two types of guys in this world, the heavies who get it done and the floaters.  You guys are floaters.

Brian I resent that!  Just because youíre the sergeant doesnít mean youíre so perfect!

BillTake it easy you guys.  Just enjoy the day will ya?


Bob I still say you guys are floaters.  Thatís why I got the job.

Brian Ahhh, stuff it in your ear.

Bill Hey, did you hear about the new babes they hired to work down at the Black Cat Club?

Bob No kidding?  Well things are looking up, thatís for sure.

Brian Well, Bill and I donít have a chance with these stupid hands of ours. Sure hope we get normal hands soon.

Bob It wonít make any difference if you play your cards right.


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