BobWow, take a boo at that, will ya!!!


Bill:  Where? Move, will you?

BobChick-a-dees. :)

BrianI donít know man, they look pretty roughed up to me.

BillYa, like thrift-store fodder.

BobCareful, donít let them see ya.



Barb, Shannon and Monique are relaxing and discussing their wonderful rescue from the grubby hands of kids looking for something to play with at the thrift store.

Barb Itís a dream!  I canít believe it.  I thought I was a goner.

Shannon Me too.  After I was tossed around these past few years, I thought for sure Iíd end up in the dump.

Monique I just tried to think pleasant thoughts.  I mean, what did I ever do to deserve that?


Barb:   Gee, I hope they clean us up soon.  I need a good scrub and I need to get rid of these ballet feet.  How annoying!

Shannon Poor you!  At least you still donít have your price tag still on stuck to your chest.

Monique I donít care, as long as Iím free. Thatís me, free to a good home.

Barb Well if there are guys on this Island, I hope they donít see me Ďtil I get cleaned up.


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