Bob Hey, they don’t look so bad from here.  What do you think guys, should we give it a try?

Brian Aww, we don’t stand a chance with these gloves on.  Forget it man.

Bill Jeez, they have no room to talk.  Just look at them!

Bob Ahem……….. Excuse me Ladies, we couldn’t help but notice we are the only ones in town out to enjoy the sun.  Nice day isn’t it?  :)

Monique Yes, it’s a wonderful day.  :)

Brian Soooooooo would you ladies like some company? It would be nice to get to know you all.:)

Bill whispers:  Shut up, Brian!  Don't call attention to yourself.

Bob:  It would just make our day to have such pleasant company.

Monique Well to tell you the truth we’re all just a bit exhausted at the moment. How about some other time?  Let us get a chance to catch our breath.

Bob Oh well in that case we’ll just be over there if you change your minds.

Monique Thank you.  We’ll keep that in mind.  :)

Bob Hope to see you girls again.  We live at the lookout, so drop in sometime.:) Where are you girls staying?

Barb We’re staying at the boarding house in the village.

BrianBye for now, then.

Girls:  Bye

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