Barb Monique, don’t move.  I don’t want them to see me.

Shannon Me either. Are they going to sit there all day?

Monique I’ll just stop smiling and look the other way, maybe they’ll get the hint.

Barb Well lie down then and we’ll all close our eyes.  Hopefully they’ll disappear.

Barb It’s been 10 minutes, you think they’re gone yet?  I need to turn over or I’ll be sunburned.

Monique Let me look.  *Opens one eye*  Crap they’re still there!

Barb:  *sigh*  Well wait a little longer.

Shannon Too bad we look like hell.  They seem like nice guys.

Barb Forget the damn guys.  We need to get our acts together before we get involved with anybody.

The guys sit there whispering amongst themselves.

Brian I told you they wouldn’t want anything to do with guys with gloves.

Bob Well I don’t have gloves.  I think that Barb chick kinda likes me.

Bill WHAT!!!!!!!  How’d you figure that?

Bob I’m her type.  I can tell.

Brian and Bill: lololol

Brian You’re too much, man.

Bob Never mind.  Let’s head back.  Bacon is probably squealing up a storm.  We’ll call them at the boarding house in a couple of days.


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