Ricky's Dilemma

Lolani:  Hiiiiii Ricky!  What are you doing?  :)

Ricky:  Wow, how come youíre riding Laurelís bike???  I want to.

Lolani: Nope!!!! You canít.  Laurel said I could borrow anything I want.

Ricky: Well Iím her brother.  Youíre just her friend.

Lolani: Ya, but she likes me better and you didnít even say good-bye to her.

Ricky: Well, I didnít care that she went to dumb old camp.  Itís a stupid girl thing.  I donít like girls.

Lolani: But you like me, donít you?

Ricky: *scowl*

Mom: Hey Honey, arenít you cold without your sweater?

Ricky: No, Mom, but how come Lolani can ride Laurelís bike and I canít?

Mom: Because Laurel gave Lolani permission to use her things while she was gone.

Ricky: Why didnít she give me permission?  She wonít know.

Mom: You know the rules.  No using other peopleís things without asking, remember?

Ricky: But she wonít know.

Mom: No Dear, youíre not allowed.  Iíd better not catch you or you will go to your room.

Ricky: Thatís not fair!

Mom: Sure it is.  Now be good.

Mom: You know it wasnít very nice that you didnít say good-bye to your sister.

Ricky: Iím sorry, Mom.

Mom: Well, maybe if you write her and ask if you can borrow her bike and helmet she will let you.

Ricky: Oh ÖÖÖnever mind.


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