Oh No -- Busted!

Mom: What!!!!!!!

Ricky: Ooooppppssss!

Mom: Go to your room. :(

Mom: How could you? 

Ricky: Am I in big trouble?

Mom: Huge trouble!

Ricky: But why?  Itís not so bad.  I just rode her bike.

Mom:  And you also used your Fatherís helmet without permission, so itís even worse.  Youíre being disrespectful to two people instead of one.


Next day.....

Lolani: Where have you been? I didnít see you around last night after dinner.

Ricky: I had to go to my room.

Lolani: How come?

Ricky : I was riding Laurelís bike and Mom caught me.

Lolani: Jeez, why did you do that?

Ricky: ĎCause it looked like so much fun. I wanted to go fast.

Lolani: So you used the bike and helmet and got caught?

Ricky: Well I used my Dadís helmet and Laurelís bike, so my Mom said I was twice as bad. She wanted me to write to Laurel and ask her if I could use the bike and helmet.

Lolani:  So why didnít you? 

Ricky:  I donít know.  I just wanted to try the bike. :(

Ricky: *sigh* Guess I wonít be riding that bike.

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