Marie: Well we can try for a while, although I donít know if I can keep my eyes open.

Bob: Hmmm, and such lovely eyes.

Marie: Youíre sweet.  I love you.



Bob: Itís always interesting to see what the folks in Roville are up to.

Marie: Yes, and we are a lot behind.  What with Laurel going to camp and Clarissa thinking sheís 12 going on 17ÖÖ Poor Ricky, he is going to have to learn how to play by himself.



Bob: Did Travis come back from his date? Nice girl, that Tanya.

Marie: Yes he did and I told him off. He was supposed to take Ricky down to get an ice-cream cone but he forgot.

Bob: I really have to start working on Travisís car.  Iíll try to get Ricky involved, get him out of your hair.



Marie: That would be great. Thank you.

Bob: I know Iíve spent a lot of time riding my bike.  Iíll be good and do more with the boys.



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