Marie: Well you just got it after all.  But the boys do love to do things with you.

Bob: It’s hard to find something that will interest them both with one 16 and the other 7.



Marie: You’re very clever, dear.  I’m sure you’ll find a way. Where is that web site anyway?  Oh here it is. Holy cow, are we ever behind!



Bob slides into bed and snuggles with his best girl.

Ro is having a chat with June

Ro: “What are your concerns? Bubbles is a lovely girl and we’re thrilled she is returning to Roville. We all want to help her get back on her feet. Surely you do too.”



Marie: Aww, aren’t Ro and the girls great? Wish I had friends like that.

Bob: You mean you want more friends like that???

Marie: Yes you’re right.  My friends are wonderful.

Marie: Ohhh, Bubbles looks like a very lovely person.

Bob: WOW!!! She sure does.



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