Marie: Whatís a ballet pole dancer?

Bob: There must be some mistake. Itís either ballet dancer or pole dancer, but not both.

Marie: Oh.....

Marie: But what is a pole dancer?

Bob: A person who dances in a night club with very little on while hugging a pole.

Marie: Oh......



Marie: How come you know about pole dancers? Have you ever seen one?

Bob: NooooÖÖÖ. Guys just know these things.

Marie: Ya right!!! Come on, tell me about it.

Marie: Itís not like Iíll ever get a chance to see it. Come on, spill. I wannnna know what itís like.

Bob tap dances around.

Bob: Iím telling you, Iíve never seen one.



Marie: Oh come on. You have so. Canít you share it with me? Please?

Bob: Honey, it never happened.

Bob: *yawn* I love you, baby. Gee Iím feeling sleepy. Letís turn out the light and talk about it tomorrow.



Marie: Ohhhh you!!!




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